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Many modern DIY brides wonder if hiring a wedding planning is necessary. Between wedding blogs, magazines, and TV shows it might seem like planning your own dream wedding is easier than ever. However, a wedding planner is an experienced professional who understands the wedding industry on a much more detailed level. Hiring a wedding planner can be one of the most crucial steps to achieving the wedding day you’ve always imagined. Here are just a few reasons why we believe hiring a knowledgeable wedding planner is so valuable…

1) A planner can save you valuable time searching through vendors: Weddings take more time to plan now than ever. Between work, family commitments, and quality time with your fiancé, fitting in enough time to search through vendors can be overwhelming. Instead, let a wedding planner do the work for you. A wedding planner is very familiar with the style and quality of the work of vendors in your area including caterers, photographers, and venue sites. By working with a planner to select your vendors you’ll ensure that you’ve hired the most reliable and experienced vendors without having to spend endless hours searching the internet and meeting for consultations.

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2) A wedding planner can act on your behalf with vendors: Not only is a wedding planner one of the best resources for selecting and hiring quality vendors, but a professional wedding planner can act on your behalf when it comes to communicating with your vendors.  An experienced wedding planner has worked with numerous vendors and maintains strong working relationships with these wedding professionals. This means your planner will maintain contact with your vendors throughout the planning process to ensure all the necessary steps to achieve your dream day are being completed.

3) A planner can help you develop a realistic budget, stick to your budget, and help you avoid costly mistakes: Weddings can easily cost far above and beyond what you might think. Depending on your wedding date and venue there can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars of unexpected costs. However, an experienced wedding planner understands all the possible costs you might incur and can help you plan your budget accordingly. A good planner will never over spend. Rather, she’ll work to help save you money.

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4) A wedding coordinator from a venue site is different from an independent wedding planner: While many wedding and reception sites include a “wedding coordinator” this person does not offer the same services as an independent wedding planner. A wedding coordinator is generally the catering manager of your venue and his or her job is to oversee that everything pertaining to the facilities runs seamlessly. While the coordinator offers a helpful service, it is not the same scope of services an independent wedding planner can offer you such as vendor negotiating, budgeting, and etiquette guidance.

5) A wedding planner understands the value of timelines: Wedding planners understand the importance of both a wedding planning timeline as well as a wedding day timeline. Throughout the planning process, your planner will stick to a planning timeline, not allowing any detail of preparation to go overlooked. In addition, a planner is an invaluable asset come wedding day to coordinate vendors and serve as a “team captain” to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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6) A wedding planner take the stress off you, your fiancé, and your families: No bride wants to be hassled as the go-to person for questions and unexpected problems that arise come wedding day. Hiring a wedding planning to manage your big day will allow you, your fiancé, and your families to relax and completely enjoy this once in a lifetime moment.

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