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I just came across a great article from a Makeup Artist from Two Fish Artistry and recent Bride from Florida: 
Since I just got married this past week, I have an entirely new perspective on brides and weddings—and makeup, of course! This post is a “Do and Don’t” list made especially for brides, whether you are hiring a makeup artist or doing it yourself.

Do a trial run with your makeup and hair. A trial run should always be included in the price quoted by your makeup artist. Not so with hair—it’s usually a separate expense. There’s just no compromising on this one…it’s hard to feel pretty with a hair style you don’t like and can do nothing about.

Don’t underestimate the amount of time needed to do makeup and hair. Remember that your dressing room will be filled with well-wishers wanting to take a picture, chat and ask you questions all day long! If you are doing your own makeup, you’ll need a little quiet time to concentrate on the task at hand without feeling rushed.

Don’t forget your lip gloss. Give it to your MOH or mom, just don’t forget it! After the ceremony, you’ll be talking to people, taking a sip of water, kissing your groom—your lip color and gloss are going to fade. By the time you start your Bride and Groom photos, you will definitely need a touch up. Your makeup artist may include a full-size lip color and gloss in the price or they may offer to stay on site for touch-ups. If so, take them up on it! You don’t want to use your old, daytime Brownie Pink lip gloss with the bridal look your artist has created!

Do pick out a cute robe! Mine was cute and fuzzy, but short! Every time I moved, I felt like my photographer was getting a shot of my rear end! If you aren’t a robe girl, check out those strapless, terrycloth beach cover-ups. They come down to mid-thigh and are easy to slip over your head.

Do replace a plastic hanger for your gown with a pretty satin one. If you don’t have one, ask your wedding coordinator. You would be surprised what they can pull out of those emergency tool boxes!

Speaking of wedding coordinators…they are worth their weight in gold and diamonds. Even if your guest list is super small or you can only afford to have a wedding coordinator on the day of your event, it’s worth it. Day-of wedding coordinators do everything from give directions to lost guests, partner with your photographer and caterer to make things go smoothly, take the tasks and pressure off of your plate…you name it, they do it. If your mom is the primary person helping you plan your wedding, a day-of coordinator is like a special gift to her.

I think these are somewhat random tips, but they were on my mind for all of you beautiful brides-to-be!
Still floating,
Mrs. Renee Armour

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