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What’s the difference between a wedding coordinator, a wedding planner, and an event designer?

The terms “wedding coordinator”, “wedding planner” and “event designer” are often used interchangeably. However, there are distinct services offered by each. Allow us to simplify the process and explain the basic differences between wedding coordinators, wedding planners, and event designers.

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Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator’s main responsibility is to be present the day of the event to make sure all the vendors are in place and that all the logistics run smoothly. Think of the coordinator like a back stage director, she’s there to make sure everything goes according to plan when it’s show time.

Many wedding coordinator services are referred to as “day of coordination”. However, coordination actually begins at least a month before your wedding day. Your wedding coordinator will meet with you to create a day-of timeline, confirm vendors, and go over details of how you want things set-up and orchestrated for your big day. When it comes to making sure everyone and everything is ready and in place on your wedding day, the wedding coordinator is on the job!

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Wedding Planner

A wedding planner’s work begins months before your wedding day. She’s the one to contact once the ring is on your finger and you’re ready to make your dream wedding day a reality. Wedding planners are generally responsible for all the planning aspects and preparation for your wedding day. Tasks such as selecting and booking vendors and developing and sticking to a budget are all a part of the wedding planner’s job.  In addition, many wedding planners also act as wedding coordinators since they are highly involved with the planning process and understand your wants and needs for your big day.

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Event Designer

The event designer is responsible for understanding your wedding day vision and making it a reality. Event designers, like other professionals in the design field, create a “vision” for your wedding day. Much like an interior designer can take a client’s inspiration and create a whole room, an event designer can take your inspiration and create a whole event. Event designers work in close conjunction with floral designers, rental companies, and caterers to craft a truly custom event. In fact, many event designers also offer additional in house design services such as floral design or linen rentals.

While there are differences between the roles and responsibilities of wedding coordinators, wedding planners, and event designers, many wedding professionals offer a mix of these services if not all three. Just remember to ask your wedding consultant exactly which services she offers, don’t just assume.

Here at Erin McLean Events we offer all three services to our brides. Whether you’re looking for someone to coordinate logistics the day of, or you need someone who can transcribe your vision into a breath-taking reality we’re here to help. Give us a call today. We’d simply love to talk about your wedding day!

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