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What bride doesn’t love incorporating a little southern charm into her wedding reception? Mason jars are a popular choice for reception decor and here we show you a few DIY  simply sweet ways to use the southern charm of Mason jars at your own wedding reception or bridal shower.

One way to use Mason jars is to fill them with a variety of different cookies and place the jars at either a dessert table or at the guests’ tables. An even more endearing idea- instead of using table numbers, name each table after a favorite type of cookie, such as “Chocolate Chip” or “Snickerdoodle”, and have Mason jars filled with only that type of cookie at each respective table.  I just hope I get to be sitting at the Thin Mint Cookie table. We even picked up this small Mr. & Mrs. tag at Target for under two dollars.

A second sweet way to use Mason jars at your wedding reception is to fill them with a favorite candy and using card stock folded length-wise write either your new married monogram or a cute phrase such as “Share a Kiss”.

Using the same idea as above, we filled this Mason jar with mint flavored candies and made an adorable “Mint to be Together” candy tag.  After dinner mints are the perfect late night treat for your wedding guests.

A sweet way to add a pop of color is to fill Mason jars with Toostie Pops or another colorful candy that matches your wedding colors or the season.

Whether you’ve got a dessert table to fill, are looking for bridal shower treats, or just want to have a delicious centerpiece your guests are sure to love, these sweets filled Mason jars are sure to satisfy. Plus, you’ll love the simplicity and affordability of these sweet southern centerpieces.

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Green inspired wedding favors that won’t bust your budget are all the rage this season. Fortunately, we know a thing or two about being resourceful when it comes to wedding favors. Here is one of the latest trends in weddings, newspaper wrapped candy favors. Here we show you how…

Step 1) Choose any newspaper you like. Do you or your groom work in finance? Choose the Wall Street Journal. Are you a New Yorker at heart? Why not pick up a few copies of The New York Times for this project? Another custom idea is to use newspapers from you or your groom’s hometown or even from the city where you two fell in love.

You can choose any candy you and your groom like. We chose Hershey’s kisses because they’re smaller and therefore easier to wrap. Besides, what wedding guests doesn’t love a little extra take-home chocolate?

2) Cut one piece of the newspaper in half. Then place a piece of white tissue paper on top (to keep any ink from rubbing off on the candy, especially if the candy you choose isn’t already individually wrapped).

3) Place several pieces of candy in the center of the paper.

4) Roll the paper up from one side and secure with a couple pieces of clear double sided tape.

5) Twist each end of the paper before tying a ribbon on either end. This can be a fun way to incorporate your wedding colors.
Your guests will be delighted with this favor because it’s clever and delicious. You’ll love the money it’ll save you as well as the simplicity of this DIY wedding project.

Do you plan to try this or something similar for your own wedding? Leave a comment and let us know what sweet DIY favors you’re planning.

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