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Planning a wedding in the coming year? Here are the top trends we expect to see in weddings throughout 2011.

1) Coral & Honeysuckle: 2011 weddings are looking bright with vibrant coral and honeysuckle. However, incorporating this shades in an elegant manner can be challenging as they are hard to match. Try incorporating different shades of coral and honeysuckle in your flowers, including bouquets and table arrangements. This will help you avoid any stark contrasts and be able to seamlessly blend any shades that might slightly vary.

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2) Gorgeous tables are one of the top wedding trends for 2011 and this gets us excited! This year tables will be all about the specialty linens. While brides realize that standard white linens are a fine option, it’s the specialty linens that will really take your reception décor to another level. Knowing this we always make sure to budget for the perfect linens for each of our lovely, stylish brides. And don’t forget all the details that go on top of the linens- lush flowers, custom stationary and one of a kind place settings are all on our list for 2011. After all, your photographer needs details to photograph.

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3) Vintage: When it comes to hot trends in 2011, nothing is newer than that which is old, or perhaps we should just say “vintage”. Brooches, antique lace, milk glass- these are just a few example of the countless vintage items that will make big appearances in 2011 weddings. We recommend incorporating classic style with gorgeous silhouettes by mixing vintage elements with more modern and chic elements for a perfectly designed event.

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4) Jewel tones are a simple way to add sparkle to your big day. From bridesmaids’ dresses to flowers and linens, striking shades such as cobalt blue, emerald and deep purple will be popping up on the top wedding blogs this season.

5) Bridal gowns with pockets:This function savvy style just started to come onto the scene in 2010, but it doesn’t look like this trend will fade anytime soon. Designers have continued to incorporate this trend into their 2011 runway shows, including many bridal gown designers. Bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses are the perfect hand free alternative to having to worry about toting a clutch or hand bag around all evening

6) Themes: No, not a Vegas Theme of Murder Mystery sort of theme. Rather, couples are looking to create a complete experience for their guests that begins with the save the date and carries through with the invitations, wedding programs, cake, escort and place cards, and even favor bags. Pick a theme that means something special to you and your groom, such as travel, design, or a style motif and incorporate this theme throughout your wedding details.


7) Lighting is one of the biggest ways you can completely transform a ceremony or reception space. Whether it’s setting the mood, incorporating a color scheme, or just having some fun lights on the dance floor lighting can give you major bang for your buck by turning an unattractive ballroom into a reception wonderland.

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8) Videography: In 2010 lots of brides cut videography out of their budgets. However, more brides are now realizing that wedding day video is so much more than just a shaky camera and bad focus. Wedding videographers now offer a variety of video related services including movie trailers of your wedding day with top industry editing. What a great way to relive your day!

9) Shorter Bridal Gowns of Reception Dresses: Modern brides want to be just as carefree as their guests when it comes to their big day. And choosing shorter dresses that allow a bride to move freely from greeting guests to having a blast on the dance is becoming a popular choice. Many brides who want a more traditional long wedding gown for their ceremony are opting for a shorter, more comfortable reception dress to change into after the vows.

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10) Photobooth: Forget traditional guest books where your friends and family only get to leave their signatures. Photobooths along with scrapbook style guest books where guests can paste in their pictures nearly instantly and write a little note is one of the fastest growing wedding reception trends. Obviously these are not new, but we are seeing at least 50% of our couples asking for them. We love them!

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