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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2010

The Talented Planners at Occasions Niagara put together this list of trends for 2010. I think they are right on!

Will you be getting engaged over the holidays?

As you begin to plan you 2010 wedding keep in mind these top trends you’ll see next spring and summer.

1. Basics

Wedding details will be the center of attention this year. It will be the base of the event, not the drama or opulence of the evening. Consider spending more on the lasting memories than the showmanship of the event. Spend a bit more than the average budget allowance on photography rather than abundant floral. Or think about a longer stay on your honeymoon and a little less of a party at the reception and you’ll be thankful for your decision in the end.

2. Home / Backyard Weddings

Intimate and personal affairs at home are becoming very popular and bigger than ever. It’s really the essence of a personalized wedding day experience.
Smaller size guest lists, more intimate settings, grass roots weddings, elegant and detail driven, but in no way small on what counts.

3. Buttercream for Icing

Fondant is falling behind (due to the taste), but buttercream is making a huge comeback in the market. Most cake designers can smooth out buttercream so that it looks like fondant but the taste is so creamy and decedent. Overall, buttercream is a much better flavor, and has more natural ingredients. Some designers charge a lot less for buttercream.

4. Wedding Favors

Personalized favors are back in a big way. Guests always notice when couples don’t put a lot of thought into the favor. Show how grateful you both are to those in attendance. Think outside the box. – local artisans, locally grown products and personal mementos.

5. Local Wedding Destinations

The popular destination wedding will remain high on most couples priority list, but couples are selecting locations that are within driving distance. This way couples can create a wedding weekend. Having a more local wedding will not only allow all guests to attend, it supports the local economy and helps the environment.

6. Colors

Monochromatic palettes – single color bunches. Vibrant shades of orange, green, yellow, and pink. Metallic colors such as gold, silver, copper, and pewter are still very popular. Black is always in for weddings, mostly attire.

7. Green Weddings

Couples want an “eco-friendly” wedding. They are making small changes, but getting big results. We are recommending the venue to clean the property with green cleaning products, all lighting should be LED, and all food leftovers should be composted. Also, having the caterer/Chef prepare food using local and organic ingredients. All stationary should be printed on recycled paper.

8. Video and Digital New-Age Ideas

Everyone has seen the photo /video montages of your childhoods during dinner, but the next phase in video at your event comes in several different forms. Wedding ceremonies are being broadcasted on screens for better viewing from the back of the venue; also they are sent over the internet to guests who cannot attend the event. Time lapse photography is being shot and integrated into video for current day montages of you and your fiancé. The photographer and Videographer are setting up cranes with cameras and projecting the event as it unfolds on screens around the dance floor.

9. HD Video

Videographers have already switched to hi-def camera equipment. Next year all or most will make such a transition, making HD and even Blu Ray the norm in wedding videography. Upgrade now and be thankful for the quality later. This also means smaller cameras on site and less infringement into your event, all around a better option on the big day.

10. Visual Combinations – “Fusion”

Professional grade still photo cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR have been released with HD video capabilities. It is a great idea to have both services at your wedding to capture every moment of the big day. Tech-savvy brides looking for a new experience, may like to experiment with a visual professional (videographer or photographer) who has this technology. In the future, you will begin to see an emergence of two-in-one companies.

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