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One of my brides Amanda (so much fun) is getting married this August. We are designing a vintage Hollywood inspired Wedding. The colors we are doing are 3 different shades of white and light gold. Gorgeous! I was looking for headpieces and jewelery to match her gorgeous dress. I stumbled upon the Denver-based Sara Gabriel Custom Veil Design. They have a store in Asheville, NC. Sara couples her creativity and style to create beautiful veils, headpieces and jewelry that complement and complete the look of each bride.

I love how soft and romantic her looks are.

I could look at sketches all day long. Her sketches are gorgeous!

These are just a few of the gorgeous things on her site. Check it out for more looks and ideas!

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I am a huge Office fan and just saw Andy and Angela’s Website. I love it!

What a happy engagement picture!

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I LOVE Signature Drinks at Weddings and Events. I saw these customizable Stir Sticks the other day from For Your Party:

How cute are these? After I saw those I got thirsty and decided to do a post on Signature drinks. What I love about them is that they can add such a pop of color to your reception! If your colors are Orange and Brown why not add an Orange Martini like a Creamsicle?

2 oz. orange flavored vodka
1 oz. Triple Sec or Cointreau
1 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Heavy Cream

Using Green? No problem! An Apple Martini sounds good to me!

2 oz. Vodka
1½ oz. Sour apple liqueur
½ oz. Lemon juice
Apple slice for garnish

Or what about The Something Blue Cocktail:

2 oz Hpnotiq
2 oz white wine
1 oz ginger ale

The Wedding Cake Martini (a personal favorite of mine!)

1 ounce Vanilla vodka
1 ounce Creme de Cacao
1 ounce pineapple juice, chilled

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Hi All!

I was reading Chesapeake Home magazine, which is always inspiring with its fantastic colors and textures. They were highlighting Fleur coutoure – French floral designs. I completely fell in love with these intricate wrapping, the colors, and of course the lush textures.

Fleur couture. In addition to deriving inspiration from history and nature, French florists are influenced by haute couture fashion, which creates incredible excitement and innovation in their designs. In my strolls through the Parisian fashion district, I noted how the new trends – structured, architectural shapes, strong, primary colors, exquisite hand-detailing (ruffles, layers, pleats), etc. will provide rich inspiration for nouvelle bouquets this season. To create the fleur couture style, use fashion-forward colors in chic monochromatic combination, incorporate layers of textures (including a variety of natural materials), and add special flourishes and finishing touches (plaid ribbons, tweed wraps, jewel accents) fresh from the fashion runways.

These were done by the wildly talented Laura Dowling.

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It is easy being green!

I recently went to a great event for Chix in Business. It was the The Business of Living and Working Green. It was held at McKinney & Silver, which is a completely awesome space in the American Tobacco Campus

I am so excited to have had a great sampling of Green Planet Catering. They feature foods that are locally grown, pesticide and hormone free, and meet our high standards of quality really fantastic and fresh.

So this all got me thinking about how you can plan a green(er) wedding. Here are some tips:

Use Caterers that Use Locally Grown Food

With industrialization, our food is now grown and processed in fewer and fewer locations, meaning it has to travel further to reach the average consumer’s refrigerator. Although this method of production is considered efficient and economically profitable for large corporations, it is harmful to the environment, consumers and rural communities. Your food will taste so much fresher!

Recycle Your Decor

Decorate your ceremony space with items you can reuse at the reception, whether it’s topiaries that go from the altar to the entryway or arrangements that decorate the program table and dress up your guest book area. You’ll save money and waste less. When the evening is over, plan to donate the pieces to a church or hospital. Call ahead to see if you can arrange a pickup from your site.


The key to a wedding that’s eco- and style-conscious is to simplify. Reusing accents or materials doesn’t just save money, it saves resources. Work with what is in season and what you’ve got nearby and feel good about your efforts

Use Recycled Paper

You can’t completely dismiss the wedding invitation. So instead, use paper that has a high-recycled content or is made from an alternative fiber, such as hemp or bamboo. I LOVE Woman Craft: These 100 percent recycled invitations are handmade by women working to overcome homelessness and other hardships.

Choose Vendors That Care

Teamwork is what makes a wedding possible. When hiring your pros, make sure that their personalities are compatible with yours — and that they are open to creating a socially conscious wedding. Other tips:

Keep It Local

Whenever possible, use local resources for your wedding. Besides saving on transportation (both of goods and people), you’ll be supporting small businesses and your local economy. If you are using larger or corporate vendors, do some online research into their practices, and support those that behave responsibly.

Get Help

A wedding consultant is a huge asset — she will save you time, share her/his vast experience, and hook you up with the right vendors for your style. Even better? One that specializes in (or is at very least familiar with) planning a green wedding.

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I love Fall!!I grew up in PA, so I love when it gets chillier. I absolutely love Fall Weddings! I think it is because of the decor options. Weddings to me are all about texture and colors. In Fall, why not incorporate some crushed velvet, burlap, or twigs.

There are so many great ways to incorporate the season. I love reds, browns, oranges, golds, and green. But, you can also use softer colors. I am currently in love with grouping pale blues, pale pinks, light gold, and brown together. It is a elegant, classic, and simple.

I saw this cake on Martha Stewart and love it:

I love carrying over that look into the centerpieces, but the possibilities are endless.

I love this idea of using white pumpkins and gourds and white candles. How fun is this??

Play up fall produce in your food. Why not use a pumpkin soup and an apple orchard salad?

These are just a few thoughts about fall. There are so many unique and fabulous ideas!

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